It’s not very easy to relax or unwind inside your home if all you can hear is the chaos outside. Whether it’s general street noise from traffic and construction or loud neighbors and even louder neighborhood pets – unwanted sounds inside your home can take away the peaceful environment you are trying to create for yourself and your family while being indoors.

If you are looking for solutions that can reduce the amount of sound coming inside, here are three tips that may help make your home a quiet oasis.

Insulate Walls and Ceilings

Noise can travel through doors, windows, walls, and ceilings through the energy created when something vibrates. If air can easily come inside through cracks and openings in your home, then sound can penetrate just as easily too. Having insulated walls can help block a substantial level of this sound from reaching inside your home where you are hoping to get a goodnight’s sleep or a full day’s work accomplished in silence.

If your walls and ceiling aren’t preventing sound from penetrating inside, then you either need to have your current insulation assessed, or simply have new effective insulation installed. From fiberglass insulation to spray foam insulation and roll insulation, there are several options that can help create a barrier for unwanted sound and air from reaching inside your home. A professional team of insulation contractors can assess your home’s vulnerable spots and tell you exactly where you require insulation.

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is a great tool that can assess how much air is traveling in and out of your home through tiny leaks. This is also a smart way of checking why there is so much outside sound inside coming through your home’s structure and into your rooms. After sealing the air leaks uncovered by a blower door test, you can save a good amount of money on energy bills along with soundproofing your home a little more than before.

Attic insulation or sealing air leaks with spray foam insulation can effectively battle the issue and provide you with more comfort and peace indoors.

Check Your Windows and Doors

While insulating air leaks, walls, and ceilings will dramatically help the level of outside noise coming into your home, it is also worth a shot to check to see how your windows and doors might be adding to the issue. Window inserts can be added to create an airtight seal that will reduce outside traffic noise. Also, consider changing interior hollow doors for solid ones – this can keep noise outside all your individual rooms as well.

Consider all these options and imagine how much more relaxing and calming the environment in your home could be if these effective measures are applied. For all your soundproof installation needs, our team of experts at Attic Man is always available! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you acquire the peace and quiet you are looking for inside your home!