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How to Deal with Humidity: Daytona Beach AC Repair and Advice

High humidity causes problems without help from Daytona Beach AC repair pros.

Florida’s year-round warm temperatures can be a major “pro” on the list of reasons to live here in the Sunshine State. At the same time, that same weather can quickly become a “con” during muggy-feeling summer days. This is due largely to our high levels of humidity. Some days, the humidity can make it uncomfortable […]

Extend the Life of Your Palm Coast HVAC Unit with These Simple Tips

Attic Man completes Palm Coast HVAC repairs.

When summer is close on the horizon, we all tend to start thinking about how grateful we are to have a reliable air conditioning unit! As Attic Man works to resolve Palm Coast HVAC concerns throughout the surrounding area, we’ve seen firsthand how a broken-down system can cause havoc during a hot day. Whether you’re […]

HVAC in St. Augustine: Why Your Home Needs an HVAC Efficiency Check

Attic Man helps check efficiency for HVAC in St. Augustine.

An inefficient HVAC unit can be a real pain in more ways than one – trust us! If you’re a resident of St. Augustine or the surrounding area, you certainly know the drill. When temperatures begin climbing throughout spring and summer (and the humidity outside makes it feel like you’re walking through a sauna), it’s […]

AC Repair in Palm Coast: What to Do When Your AC Fails

Navigate problems with your HVAC system with Attic Man's AC Repair in Palm Coast.

We know how brutal our Florida summers can be without a reliable air conditioning system. The Palm Coast area’s intense heat and humidity can turn your home into a sweltering sauna, leaving you feeling sticky, uncomfortable, and downright miserable. And let’s be honest – nobody wants to deal with that kind of situation. That’s why […]

AC Repair St. Augustine: How to Stay Cool While Saving Money in St. Augustine

Attic Man provides AC Repair St. Augustine residents trust for comfort and savings.

We’re all looking forward to the fun and sun that springtime brings to Florida residents. But, as HVAC experts, we know one thing for sure – that homeowners across St. Augustine face the reality of keeping homes comfortable amid rising temperatures and humidity. Of course, we Floridians have devised lots of clever ways to find […]

Heating and Cooling in Jacksonville, FL: The Impact of Climate on Your HVAC Performance

Attic Man can help provide quick help with any issues regarding heating and cooling in Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville’s climate and weather conditions can vary wildly across the seasons – as our longtime residents surely know. From the sweltering heat and humidity of summer to occasional winter chills and the ever-present threat of storms, our weather keeps our heating and cooling systems working overtime. Proper HVAC maintenance and repair is crucial to endure […]

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality: HVAC in Daytona Beach Homes

Achieve excellence in HVAC in Daytona Beach for your family with Attic Man.

The air inside Daytona Beach homes should be a relaxing respite from the sweltering Florida humidity outside. Yet for many Florida residents, stuffy and polluted indoor air triggers headaches, asthma attacks, and other health issues instead. To breathe easier at home, getting your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system balanced properly proves essential. This […]

AC Repair in Jacksonville: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Attic Man provides AC repair in Jacksonville from our expert team.

As Jacksonville residents know all too well, coping with the blazing Florida summer heat is no small feat. When your air conditioner inevitably breaks down amid 100-degree temperatures, the pressure to get it fixed quickly is immense. However, hasty decisions could lead you to make costly AC repair mistakes. This article will examine some of […]

How Is a Blower Door Test Performed?

photo of a fan for a blower door test

One of the biggest utility costs for any homeowner is energy. Homeowners rely on power for everything from cooking to working to entertainment. Within energy usage, heating and cooling are undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to the overall cost. 

The Dangers of DIY: 4 Risks of Improperly Installing Spray Foam Insulation

DIY spray foam and the dangers of it

Spray foam insulation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the country. It is highly effective, lasts a long time, is durable in most climates, and is usually stress-free to install. But because installing spray foam insulation seems so simple, many homeowners may be tempted to install it themselves without realizing that there are a number of risks associated with improperly installing spray insulation.