Most homeowners know the benefits of using expanding spray foam insulation. But few know just how versatile this insulation can be. The more creative you get with foam spray insulation, the more you’ll be able to find unique places for spray foam. 

Check out 4 unique places to use spray foam below! 

1. Bedroom Walls 

Many homeowners already know how effective spray foam insulation is at moderating temperatures. What most people don’t realize is how it can cancel noise, too. Because foam spray has expanding properties, the thick foam acts as a sound barrier and as a result, has great sound-canceling abilities.

Applying foam insulation between bedrooms has to be the number one homeowner hack out there. Do you have two bedrooms that share a wall? Cut the noise down between the two by separating them with spray foam insulation. 

Never worry about pesky eavesdroppers again when you create a formidable sound barrier for each bedroom. 

Have a loud entertainment system in the entertainment room or a kid with a passion for playing drums? Take this insulation hack to the next level by applying foam insulation between any rooms in your home. 

Your ears will thank you. 

2. The Bathroom 

Tired of your leaky showerhead or wobbly bathroom faucet? Stabilize your appliances with sturdy foam spray. Because foam spray is waterproof, using foam insulation around your faucet is an excellent way to stabilize it.

Another great tip? Using foam spray to weigh down a stand-alone tub. Some tubs have a tricky habit of sliding around. When you use foam spray insulation, you can anchor your tub to prevent it from sliding back and forth. 

Generally, most tubs have an access panel where you can insert foam spray. Simply add water for weight and then seal it with foam spray insulation. 

3. Your Home’s Exterior 

Any homeowner knows that cracks in your home’s exterior might as well be a blinking, neon vacancy sign for bugs and pests. Once pests see that your home has an opening, it’s an invitation for vermin, ants, and bugs galore to sneak into your house and set up camp. 

Stop bugs in their tracks with some foam insulation. Wherever you see a crack or hole in your wall or foundation, you can patch it right up with some foam spray. 

Because foam spray has such intense expanding properties, the foam itself should be enough to fill in any cracks, holes, or spaces. Some homeowners have great luck inserting copper or metal mesh into the space first and then topping it off with foam spray. 

4. Insulating Attics

Perhaps the most well-known place to use foam spray is in insulating attics. Using foam spray is a great tool for attics because it keeps the heat out, reduces energy costs, and prevents fungus, mold, and mildew growth. 

Preventing mold growth is imperative for a healthy, safe attic. Once you have mold growth, you will need to pay to have your attic professionally sanitized, cleaned, and decontaminated. 

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for your home. Whether you want to keep out pests, reduce noise, or stabilize your faucet, spray foam can help!