Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep or leisure time like relentless noise. Whether it’s from the street, a loud television or stereo, the neighbors arguing, or a dog barking day and night, noise affects your quality of life.


Soundproofing a room reduces noise or completely blocks it from getting in. Not only does soundproofing block unwelcome outside noise, but it also provides privacy for your home or business. If you can hear everything your neighbors are doing or saying, they can hear you too. 

Soundproofing Myths

It might be tempting to try to soundproof your home or office yourself to alleviate the noise, but is it actually achievable? Here are some common myths about soundproofing that we think deserve to be busted:

Myth 1: Soft Furnishings Can Be Used to Soundproof a Roof

Cushions and wall hangings may look beautiful, but they do not provide soundproofing. They can help with the acoustics, as an empty room has more of an echo, but they cannot soundproof a room. 

Myth 2: Egg Cartons Work for Soundproofing

It sounds strange, but out of people’s desperation to have soundproof rooms, many egg cartons have been stuck to walls. The cardboard of an egg carton is very thin, and most noise travels straight through them. Even if layers of egg cartons are used, they still don’t provide enough mass to actually soundproof a room.

Myth 3: Your Paint or Wallpaper Can Block Sound

It is a myth that certain paint colors on walls provide a level of soundproofing. Paint is paint, regardless of the color or how many coats are applied. Wallpaper is exactly the same; it will certainly change the ambiance of a room, but it won’t soundproof it.

Myth 4: Thick Carpet and Drapes Are All You Need

This approach is roughly the same as selecting soft furnishings. Thick or plush carpets and block-out drapes can change the acoustics of a room, but they can’t soundproof it. Block-out drapes are designed to block out light, not sound.

Myth 5: Mattresses Absorb Sound

Mattresses or yoga mats attached to the walls will block echoing, but they are not effective for soundproofing a room.

Soundproof Insulation in St. Johns

Quite simply, mass blocks sound and the most efficient way to soundproof your home or business is with insulation. 


Fiberglass insulation is incredibly versatile, quite affordable, and absorbs sound effectively. It can be fitted to your property as batts in pre-cut sections or as shredded pieces blown into ceilings and walls by a machine. 


When paired with air sealing and duct encapsulation, Owens Corning fiberglass provides excellent soundproof insulation in St. Johns.


Spray foam insulation in the walls or attic also reduces noise pollution and is a superior energy saver. As the name suggests, spray foam is pumped into the walls or ceiling via a hose, where it hardens, providing the necessary mass to reduce noise.

Need to Install Insulation in St. Johns?

Living with unwanted noise is exhausting and unhealthy. It affects your ability to concentrate, relax, and communicate. 


The good news is that you don’t have to live with the noise — there are options to dramatically improve your standard of living that are effective and affordable. Soundproof insulation will provide the peace and quiet that you and your family deserve.