As Jacksonville residents know all too well, coping with the blazing Florida summer heat is no small feat. When your air conditioner inevitably breaks down amid 100-degree temperatures, the pressure to get it fixed quickly is immense. However, hasty decisions could lead you to make costly AC repair mistakes.

This article will examine some of the most common errors Jacksonville homeowners make when trying to get their air conditioning units operational again. We’ll look at the potential dangers of DIY repairs, putting off maintenance, hiring uncertified technicians, and more. Our team of Florida HVAC experts at Attic Man has fixed these botched jobs time and time again. By understanding what not to do, you can make informed repair decisions and avoid setbacks in keeping comfortable indoors.

Attempting DIY AC Repairs

One of the biggest mistakes Jacksonville homeowners make is deciding to repair their own air conditioning units. We understand the motivation. A DIY approach can seem to promise quick fixes for little cost. However, without proper training and credentials, most DIY repairs cause massive issues down the road.

Safety should be the first concern with any air conditioner repair. AC units contain hazardous materials like refrigerant, which can be toxic if mishandled and is illegal for unlicensed technicians to handle. Lack of expertise also leads many amateur repairers to misdiagnose problems, order the wrong parts, or improperly install components. Not only can this damage your unit further, but you may electrocute yourself in the process.

While YouTube tutorials and forums make repairs look straightforward, keep in mind that professionals train for years to understand the intricacies of AC repair. Without schooling in essential concepts like thermodynamics, electrical engineering, and Florida HVAC codes, your repair attempts will likely miss the mark. Many DIY jobs even void manufacturer warranties.

In the end, botched repairs often wind up more expensive than just hiring a certified HVAC company from the start. Attempting shortcuts yourself may seem frugal, but you’ll regret it when your mistakes escalate into costlier issues later. Leave AC repairs to the licensed experts.

Delaying Necessary Maintenance

Calling in HVAC technicians feels like an extra expense when your system seems to be running fine. So when funds run low, many Jacksonville homeowners put off preventative maintenance appointments to save money. But skimping on regular maintenance invariably leads to more serious problems down the road.

Florida homes’ air conditioners endure a lot of strain during Jacksonville’s oppressive summers. Like any complex machine, AC systems need regular upkeep to keep all components running efficiently. Small issues like dirty air filters or low refrigerant may not totally disrupt cooling at first. But ignoring such problems allows damage to accumulate until catastrophic failure occurs.

During preventative maintenance checks, reputable companies like Attic Man tune up AC units to optimize performance. Technicians comb through systems for signs of wear and early malfunctions. They can then fix minor problems promptly before they spiral out of control. Think of it as going to your doctor for regular checkups instead of waiting until you collapse to get care.

While getting annual maintenance may not seem essential with no obvious issues, postponing visits any longer than 12 months apart sets you up for trouble. In fact, manufacturers recommend biannual maintenance prior to peak summer and winter air conditioning usage. But even annual tune-ups dramatically reduce the need for major repairs down the road.

Regular maintenance checks also keep energy costs lower in the long run. Well-maintained AC systems don’t have to work as hard cooling inefficiently. Investing in preventative care ends up far more affordable than coping with catastrophic breakdowns in the middle of July. Protect your system and your wallet by scheduling maintenance before problems hit the fan.

Using Uncertified Florida AC Repair Companies

After putting maintenance off too long, many Jacksonville homeowners scramble to find the cheapest AC repair game in town once their systems inevitably go kaput. Comparing rates and scoring a bargain sounds wise. But basing your selection primarily on low cost leaves you vulnerable to shoddy or even predatory workmanship.

Unlike licensed HVAC companies, uncertified repair outfits often lack credentials confirming proper training on Jacksonville’s AC equipment codes and standards. Rogue repairers have no third-party oversight nor liability insurance covering accidents on the job. Unqualified technicians may unwittingly violate local regulations and manufacturer specifications in their work. Not only can this worsen system issues, but you may get slapped with hefty fines for using prohibited materials like banned coolants.

These bootleg AC repair outfits also frequently quote improbably low rates only to later tack on more charges once work begins. Some bait-and-switch to higher-cost parts and services halfway through the job. Others demand full payment upfront then take the money and run without completing satisfactory repairs.

By the time you realize their incompetence, precious days without AC have passed. Now you must call in a professional HVAC company to fix their shoddy work—costing far more in the long run than just hiring certified technicians from the start. Don’t get your hopes up for cheap repairs from unqualified outfits. Stick to seasoned experts instead.

Choosing the Wrong Company

Even when selecting a legitimate HVAC repair company fully licensed to operate in Florida, Jacksonville homeowners risk subpar work if they fail to research each outfit’s expertise. Not all technicians receive the proper specialization to address specific AC system failures. Companies vary widely in their competence handling particular brands and models. Lacking the right expertise on your exact unit often leads to misguided repairs that never resolve the core issues.

Narrow down HVAC repair outfits with strong track records in your community handling your AC brand. Then vet a company’s specific competencies treating common failures in those models. Discuss the intricacies of your system with a support team to confirm how knowledgeable and familiar their technicians are with its components. A Florida AC pro well-versed in your particular unit’s pain points gives you the best shot at an accurate diagnosis and long-lasting fix.

With the wrong knowledge base on your system, companies grope in the dark guessing at solutions and often miss the mark. Do your due diligence to ensure you choose repair technicians adept at resolving common issues with your make and model of air conditioner before breakdowns hit.

Letting Mold & Mildew Spread

While assessing AC breakdowns and how to fix them, Jacksonville homeowners also commonly neglect underlying mold and moisture buildup exacerbating issues. Air conditioning units constantly produce condensation, which they then flush out through drain lines. When these drain lines clog up due to grime and sediment accumulation, backed-up water overflows and soaks surrounding AC structures. Mold and mildew outbreaks follow shortly after.

Most Jacksonville residents don’t check their AC units for mold growth until they smell musty air circulating indoors. But by this point, drastic containment efforts are needed to eliminate mushrooming mold spreading everywhere. Trying to salvage AC units with widespread mold infestation becomes improbable. That forces full systems replacement—a four-figure expense easily avoided with earlier intervention.

During annual maintenance cleanings, reputable HVAC companies inspect AC drain lines and clear any obstructions. If caught early while mold and mildew growth remains limited in scope, you can remedy the situation promptly before extensive damage occurs. So when you notice any musty smells after running your AC, contact mold remediation pros immediately before spores disseminate further.

Letting one contaminated component fester risks tainting your whole system with mold’s destructive spread. Don’t ignore warning signs of mold and mildew until you’re left with no choice but complex teardowns and full unit replacement. Stay vigilant for dampness and stuffy air to keep mold from spiraling out of control.

Next Steps

Don’t let foolish AC repair mistakes leave you sweltering in Jacksonville’s summer heat. Now that you know what errors to avoid, you can make informed decisions ensuring your system gets back online quickly and correctly. Partnering with a trusted, local HVAC company with strong credentials forms the cornerstone for air conditioning repair success.

Ready to get your AC running right? Contact Attic Man online or at 855-288-4262 for a free consultation with our licensed technicians servicing all AC system makes and models. Plus, choosing our comprehensive annual AC maintenance plan can be an easy step towards keeping your system running smoothly year-round. Our expertise spans the full range of Jacksonville air conditioning equipment and common maintenance pitfalls. Benefit from our specialty experience fixing issues unique to your particular unit. Don’t lose sleep to AC headaches any longer and let the cooling relief begin!