When selling a home, there’s a lot on your plate. Increasing curb appeal, showcasing your home, and don’t forget about finally having to tackle that junk closet you’ve been ignoring for years. 

But there’s one tip that homeowners may forget to utilize before putting their homes on the market: increasing insulation. 

There are many great reasons to consider insulating your home before selling, all of which will help the selling process go much more smoothly. 

Read on to learn more below! 

1. Proper Insulation Reduces Energy Costs 

Looking to cut your home’s energy costs before you put it on the market? Consider using proper insulation throughout your home! 

With robust insulation, you can cut your energy costs by 40 to 60%. How is this possible? Insulation prevents the exchange of heat through walls, your duct system, or even your roof by acting as a large buffer. 

Optimal temperatures have less of a chance of seeping out of your home, whereas outdoor temperatures have a more challenging time weaseling their way into your house. 

Through this fundamental principle, homes with proper insulation have a much easier time maintaining optimal temperatures, which means that your HVAC system can put in less work when it moderates temperatures. 

As a result, your energy costs will be much lower than without insulation. 

2. Insulation Makes for a Quieter Home 

When you’re at home, you want peace and quiet. You don’t want to hear the neighbors chopping firewood across the way, nor do you want to hear loud cars roaring past your home in the middle of the night. 

When your home is insulated, you can help cut down external noise as well as noise from inside your home.  

Cutting down noise pollution is essential for larger homes. If you have a larger home, the chances are that your home’s future residents will have many children and will be grateful to have as many noise-canceling capabilities as possible. 

You can let your kids have karaoke sing-offs in the basement while you relax in the bathtub completely undisturbed. Cut back on nosy eavesdroppers with a quieter home. 

With the proper spray foam insulation, the possibilities are endless. One thing that you can count on with noise-canceling insulation is that your home’s appeal will be that much more significant for potential buyers. 

3. Insulation Keeps Heat Out 

In Flagler, Florida, you need all the help you can get to keep your home cool. Prospective home buyers will certainly notice how drastically cooler your home is compared to other homes they see in the neighborhood. 

Foam and fiberglass insulation are great ways to keep optimal temperatures inside. During the summer, hot air has a harder time entering your insulated home, whereas cool air has a more challenging time leaving your house. 

As a result, you can keep cool air in your home for longer, resulting in a much cooler living space. While your prospective buyers will certainly appreciate it, you will also be able to enjoy cooler temperatures while you wait for the sale to finalize. 

Insulating your home before selling is both a great choice you and the future buyer. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of your new insulation by being ahead of all the other houses in your neighborhood. And the buyer will be more likely to buy your home once finding out the energy costs will be low. If you would like to install new installation to your home reach out to our team of professionals who will help you with the process.