When summer is close on the horizon, we all tend to start thinking about how grateful we are to have a reliable air conditioning unit! As Attic Man works to resolve Palm Coast HVAC concerns throughout the surrounding area, we’ve seen firsthand how a broken-down system can cause havoc during a hot day.

Whether you’re getting used to a brand-new, efficient AC unit or hoping to make the most of your current system, there are a few tips you can follow to help extend the life of your unit. With some of the right precautions in mind, you can avoid several common issues and keep your home an oasis in the midst of the Florida heat. So, read on for some advice from the Palm Coast HVAC experts!

Keep It Clean

The simplest tip to extend your HVAC system’s lifespan? Keep it clean! It might not look like much to start, but an ongoing buildup of dirt, dust, and debris can cause major problems for both indoor and outdoor units.

Be sure that your outdoor unit is cleared of any leaves, branches, or shrubbery that may be obstructing airflow. But be sure to avoid getting any water inside electrical components if you’re aiming to clean off the unit!

This spring-cleaning practice doesn’t just have to take place outside. Inside, your air filter serves to remove those particulates circulating through your ductwork and HVAC equipment, improving your indoor air quality. You’ll want to change out these disposable filters regularly to avoid them getting clogged – and to avoid wearing down your HVAC system as it works harder to circulate clean, cool air.

Keep a close eye on the system if you have pets, or if you live with someone with respiratory issues. Professional duct cleaning is another way to give even more attention to removing those built-up contaminants lurking in your home. An overall clean system can last you much longer before it requires major repair or replacement.

Watch For Warning Signs

Keep an eye on your system’s health or any of these red flags:

  • Strange noises like clanking, squeaking, or grinding
  • Reduced airflow from vents even with a clean filter
  • Warm air blowing from vents in cooling mode
  • Moisture or leaking around the indoor unit
  • Spiking energy bills despite normal usage
  • An HVAC unit that is cycling on and off more frequently

Strange signs like these indicate something amiss – so it’s time for a professional inspection. The quicker you can prevent further damage, the longer you can extend the unit’s life.

Tune It Up Annually

You know how your car needs those regular tune-ups and maintenance to help you drive safely? Consider how your HVAC system should get the same professional care! Regular tune-ups and inspections from a technician can help you keep the unit optimized for peak performance.

This process can involve the following:

  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels and recharging if low
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Testing for optimum airflow
  • Inspecting the ductwork for any leaks
  • Cleaning the coils, blower, and drainage system

Finding and preventing developing issues is the most important role of regular inspections. Sometimes, minor maintenance now can catch a developing issue before it spirals into a system breakdown. At Attic Man, we offer affordable annual maintenance plans that take the hassle out of this process. We’re happy to help you achieve comfortable indoor temperatures and peace of mind!

Mind the Thermostat

Managing your thermostat has a big impact on the longevity of your Palm Coast HVAC unit. Plus, energy costs can be affected by how you adjust the temperature over time! Opting for programmable and smart thermostats can help you adjust automatically at pre-set times – helping you stay energy efficient without lifting a finger.

You may also want to consider conducting a thermostat calibration check by comparing it to an accurate room thermometer. If you catch any improper calibration, you may just prevent your system from working harder than it needs to!

Optimize Your Shading

Those beautiful windows throughout your home are sort of a two-way street when it comes to heat transfer. By letting heat enter or escape, you might find that your windows can cause increased cooling costs if you don’t manage this heat transfer properly.

Any hiding cracks or deterioration will need to be re-sealed to remove and prevent hot exterior air from moving indoors. If peak sun exposure is causing the indoor temperature to increase with radiant heat, you may want to consider adding window coverings like blackout curtains or solar shades. Other options for lessening your air conditioning load include exterior awnings or strategically-placed landscaping for the west and east sides of your home, offering natural shade.

Maximize Insulation

Older Palm Coast homes were often constructed with poor insulation – causing issues with HVAC temperature control. Make sure your attic has adequate insulation against radiant heat – as well as in exterior walls, crawl spaces, and around HVAC ductwork. If your home isn’t properly insulated, adding more can help you save on annual cooling costs and lighten the load on your HVAC system.

Maintain Humidity Control

High humidity is a common comfort issue here in Florida, as warm air carries more moisture than cool, dry air. While these humidity issues can be common, their impact on your HVAC unit can lessen its lifespan if not handled optimally.

If you come across issues like musty smells, condensation, moisture stains, or peeling wallpaper, have your HVAC system inspected promptly. Your unit’s dehumidifier components may be malfunctioning, or you may be operating an improperly-sized unit.

If you’re facing intense spikes of Florida humidity, running a dehumidifier alongside your HVAC system can help you manage moisture levels while reducing stress on your air conditioning unit.

Consider Upgrading Your Palm Coast HVAC Unit

No matter how diligently you maintain your HVAC equipment, it will not last forever, as the average lifespan of a well-maintained air conditioner runs about 10 to 15 years. As your unit approaches that age range, upgrading to a new, high-efficiency model makes financial sense. The good news is that today’s HVAC systems operate far more efficiently than units from just 10 years ago!

Your Attic Man specialist can help you identify the ideal HVAC sizing for your home. Based on that calculation, we’ll recommend units with just the right cooling capacity to operate efficiently at your location.

Join Attic Man’s Maintenance Club

At the end of the day, the best way to extend the life of your Palm Coast HVAC system is with routine professional care. With this in mind, Attic Man offers convenient maintenance plans in order to help you make the most of your unit’s lifespan!

Our membership plans include two maintenance inspections per year. Our HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect and service your entire system per manufacturer specifications. If we identify any larger issues, you’ll receive discounted pricing on parts and labor, too.

Our comprehensive care not only helps extend equipment life, but it lowers energy costs and prevents surprise breakdowns. We believe that protecting your investment on a quality Palm Coast HVAC system is just as crucial as maintaining the rest of your home!

Let Attic Man Keep Your Palm Coast Home Comfortable

Keep your cool all summer long in the Sunshine State with an HVAC system that’s running at peak performance. With simple maintenance and professional support from Attic Man, it’s easier than you think. If it’s time for a tune-up, a full system replacement, or you simply have questions, we’re here to help! Contact us now or give us a call today at 855-288-4262 for a free inspection and quote.