Heating and cooling your home takes a lot of energy, which in turn leads to high utility bills. You don’t want to waste money cooling that air outside, so it’s important to ensure that your home doesn’t have significant air leaks.

Spray foam insulation is an excellent option for preventing air leaks in your home because it expands to fill all gaps tightly. Some of the most common areas that can develop these leaks include:

1. Your Attic

Your attic should be essentially isolated from the rest of your home. You want it to be the same temperature as the air outside. If air is passing between the attic and the rest of your home, then you’re wasting energy where it isn’t needed.

2. Exterior Doors

An exterior door that isn’t properly air-sealed can cause significant air leakage. Not only do you need proper weatherstripping on the door itself, but you also need professional air sealing around the frame.

3. Windows

Windows can cause the same issues as doors when the frame isn’t properly sealed. They can also shift and develop new issues over time.

4. Basements

There’s a good chance that the connection between your home’s frame and the foundation isn’t properly insulated, allowing a steady draft.

5. Electrical and Plumbing

Your home could have countless small air leaks around plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets, which should all have air sealing where they enter and exit walls.

Where to Use Spray Foam Insulation to Stop Air Leaks

You can reach out to professional insulation contractors to find out for sure where you need air sealing and insulation. Instead of guessing, they can use a blower door test to accurately pinpoint the specific air leaks that are causing your heating and cooling bills to rise.

Air sealing your home can help you take control of your energy bills and keep the temperature of your home more comfortable for everyone.