Attic insulation is essential to reducing your cooling costs and protecting your roof from long-term damage due to heat and humidity. However, it can only accomplish those goals when it stays in place. 

Here’s how to make sure your attic insulation does not fall down.

Go with Spray Foam Insulation

There are many different types of attic insulation available today, and spray foam insulation is one of the best in terms of setting it and forgetting it. Spray foam insulation adheres strongly to the interior of your roof, meaning there’s no chance it will come loose.

Spray foam insulation provides many other benefits as well. Because the foam can be sprayed anywhere and expands to fill gaps, it provides the best level of complete protection against any potential drafts.

You’ll have to reach out to professionals with the proper equipment to install spray foam insulation safely, but it’s well worth the long-term energy savings and the peace of mind that this worry-free insulation provides.

Use the Largest Insulation Sections Possible

Fiberglass insulation is another common choice for attic insulation. It is available in various forms, with the most typical being rolls of material that are cut to size and firmly attached to the roof’s interior between joists.

To make sure that this insulation doesn’t fall and reduce coverage over time, you should go with the biggest sections possible. Ideally, you’ll have a single piece running the entire height between joists.

Unfortunately, big sections are not always possible due to the unique layout of some attics, but it’s best to stick to this strategy as much as possible. If you’re putting together many small pieces to save material, you could find yourself dealing with more of a mess down the line.

Have a Professional Handle It

The best way to ensure you do not have ongoing maintenance issues with your attic insulation is to leave it to the professionals. You can reach out to an attic insulation company to find out the best choice for your home and to ensure excellent installation.

These professionals have the right tools and experience to properly install any type of installation. That way, they can ensure that you won’t find your insulation falling off later, letting you enjoy energy savings and a comfortable home in peace.

Getting rid of old insulation is not something you should approach without the right protective equipment and skills. Over the years, the insulation might have become dirty and contaminated by pests, making it a potential health hazard as well.

Check on Your Insulation from Time to Time

Having the proper installation is key, but you can also make sure that your insulation stays in proper shape by checking in on it from time to time. Ideally, you should check out your attic at least once each season to inspect for insulation issues and potential roof problems.

If you identify issues like water damage or pests early enough, you might be able to keep the insulation you have. However, these issues can quickly lead to damaged insulation and other problems if they’re allowed to go on long enough.

Instead of having to replace all of your insulation, identifying issues early could mean that only a small section needs to be replaced. You can also make sure that you’re always maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home by ensuring that your insulation hasn’t become damaged.

If something is wrong with your insulation, you should contact a professional attic insulation company to provide the services you need.