While it might seem like a great way to save money, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t try to install insulation yourself. Among other things, hiring a qualified professional installation contractor will save you considerable time and energy.

1.      Insulation Installers Provide Better Quality of Work

The primary reason to hire a professional installer is to ensure that your new insulation is being installed properly. This is more difficult than most homeowners realize. If your home has custom windows or doors, for example, the insulation will need to be trimmed to the precise dimensions.

Other home features, such as vents, can also affect the installation process. A professional installer will have the tools and expertise needed to work around these obstacles and provide better protection from energy loss.

2.   It Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

If you try to install insulation yourself, your inexperience could easily lead to fitting mistakes, in which case you’ll need to hire insulation contractors to come in and fix the problem anyway. Doing so will involve removing and discarding the insulation you installed and replacing it with new rolls of insulation.

Avoid paying twice as much for your insulation by doing the smart thing and hiring an installer at the outset of the project.

3.   The Pros Have the Right Tools

A professional contractor is guaranteed to come equipped with all the right tools for cutting and installing insulation, including specialized cutting tools used for making micro-alterations. They’ll also have fasteners and other accessories to secure the insulation for better performance and higher efficiency.

4.   Your Insulation Will Last Longer

Since insulation installers have experience working in a variety of settings, their skill in installing insulation in homes is unmatched. The quality of the work they provide will help ensure that your insulation lasts as long as possible.

While good insulation should last 80 years or more, that lifespan largely depends on the quality of the workmanship. If insulation is installed poorly, it may loosen over time, leading to damage, mold growth, and other issues that can contribute to its deterioration.

5.   They’ll Help You Pick the Best Insulation for Your Needs

Although batt and roll insulation is highly effective, it may not always be the best choice. Rather than assuming that this type of insulation will fit the bill for your home, schedule a consultation with a professional installer and see what they suggest based on the style, size, and condition of your home.

There are many different types of insulation. You may know about the most common varieties, but there might be others that will suit your home better. A knowledgeable insulation contractor can go over these options with you and help you select the most cost-effective one for your home.

6.   It’s Good for Your Health

Another, somewhat less-expected risk that homeowners face when attempting to install their own insulation is the development of respiratory or skin issues. While insulation is perfectly safe once it’s installed, direct exposure to certain materials can cause health issues.

Unlike the average homeowner, professional installers have the proper protective equipment and clothing for this type of work. They’ll be able to install your insulation safely and prevent you from being exposed to potential health hazards.

Know When to Consult an Expert

When you’re ready to hire someone to tackle your insulation install, schedule an in-home consultation ahead of time. Doing so will allow the contractor to estimate the project’s size and complexity and recommend a few different types of insulation that might suit your needs.