There may be no better way to feel the holiday spirit in your home than by decorating for the season. While most people enjoy putting up decorations around their house for a few months out of the year, decorations can pile up in closets, garages, and spare bedrooms quickly. Your attic can be a valuable storage resource if it is in the right condition. Homeowners with inefficient attic insulation, however, just might be missing out on a key function of this free space. 

Protecting Your Decor

Holiday decor often holds strong monetary and sentimental value to homeowners. If your attic is not protected, your decor probably won’t be, either. Insulation installers can give homeowners peace of mind when it comes to their attic and their belongings. Proper attic insulation can protect your decor from a range of common concerns.

Contaminant Reduction

Without insulation, outside air will enter your home through your attic. This untreated air carries many contaminants that can stick around in your attic. Uninsulated attics are susceptible to increased dirt, radon, smoke, and mold exposure. An insulated attic will keep the air in your home. These contaminants will be kept outside, while your decor stays safe and clean above you.

Pest Control

Critters in your attic will damage your home and your belongings. Animals seeking warmth can carry diseases and germs into your home. Insulation can be installed around crevices to keep pests at bay. Some insulation methods may be better than others at eliminating your pest problems. Look for options that target your concerns. Some insulation materials can even target pests specifically.

Water Protection

Insulating your air ducts is a good way to minimize temperature changes in your attic. Temperature changes can lead to cracks and water accumulation in your attic. Duct encapsulation helps to reduce drastic temperature changes to your attic as well as in your HVAC system. Water can enter your home through any crevices that are not properly sealed. Keep your attic from becoming musty or moldy by sealing your attic space. Make sure to have any water issues in your attic addressed before installing more insulation, too.

How to Store Seasonal Decor

The state of the insulation in your attic can impact the methods you should use to properly store your seasonal decor. Keep your goals in mind when selecting a method of attic insulation. Make sure your attic works for your needs before you put valuable items there! Some tips for storing your seasonal decor include: 

  • Using totes (great for areas that are not climate-controlled)
  • Add hanging storage
  • Consider the heat of your attic
  • Use a lift for large items

The space in your home is valuable. With insulation in your attic, you can reclaim the space in your home year-round. Investing in attic insulation can save you on energy costs, and it can also be your solution to at-home holiday decor storage.