When the days are hot, homeowners trust in their air ducts to reliably transport cool air to every point of their home. However, ducts have lots of joints, splices, gaps, and holes. On top of all that, they are often crammed into sweltering attic spaces, which heat up like ovens in the summer. This can lead to significant wear and tear on your HVAC system, resulting in as much as 20-30% of climate-controlled air leaking from the ducts. With Jacksonville FL attic insulation, you won’t have to sweat these problems any longer! Just read on to learn more.

The Many Benefits of Jacksonville Foam Insulation

Duct Encapsulation can do more than just keep your home more comfortable when the heat is oppressive. Explore the other benefits of duct encapsulation with us below:
  • Duct encapsulation prevents allergens, pollutants, and other irritants from entering your ductwork and spreading.
  • Everyone will enjoy better air quality, especially post-op patients and individuals with immune deficiencies or respiratory issues.
  • Your HVAC system will consume less energy, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Interested in learning more benefits? Just contact your Jacksonville insulation contractors today!

Fiberglass and Ductwork

A large portion of duct work is lined internally with fiberglass, which is likely to break down after enough time has passed. When fiberglass breaks down, it can circulate through ducts and ultimately end up in your home. Plus, leaky fiberglass leads to leaky ducts. Duct encapsulation will seal up your HVAC tubes and keep them safe!

Disease Prevention

Prior to the late 1980s, much duct work was done using transite pipe. Transite pipe is comprised of cement and asbestos fibers. As we now know, asbestos fibers can cause scarring of the lungs, shortness of breath, and even cancer. Furthermore, sheet metal ducts can oxidize over time due to the moisture that passes through the HVAC system, which produces a harmful white powder that can also circulate through your home.

Protection from Heat

Imagine cold water being pumped through a hot hose. By the time it comes out the other end, the result will surely be disappointing. Similarly, in the summer, air ducts are often trying to pump cold air throughout while being surrounded by smothering heat. Duct encapsulation for Jacksonville insulation promises better insulation around the ducts, which keeps the hot air out so you can enjoy cool air inside.

Duct Encapsulation is Easy!

Are you tired of spending way too much on faulty air ducts when it’s hot outside? Or maybe you fear that your HVAC system is spreading contaminants throughout your home? Don’t worry – the experts are here to help! Attic Man makes all things insulation easy for our customers. Check out our extensive array of services here, then give us a call and allow Attic Man to help you get back to comfort!