We often find various things to blame for the annoying allergies that kick in every now and then, but we sometimes forget to consider that perhaps the reason behind them is inside our own home – poor insulation. Dust, mold, mildew, and pet dander are all indoor allergens that can affect your family’s health, regardless of whatever season it is outside. Poorly installed insulation or insulation that has not been updated in a long time can be the reason why you might repeatedly be suffering from an itchy throat, cough and cold, or even wheezing.

If you can’t understand why you are so often falling prey to such symptoms, perhaps it is time you have your installation checked out by a professional to assess its condition and determine if that’s the reason behind your allergies.

Get Rid of Old and Dirty Insulation

Needless to say, if your insulation is not working effectively anymore, it’s time for it go. Along with no longer serving as an adequate thermal barrier for your home, your deteriorated insulation may also have turned into a breeding ground for various pollutants and pests over time.

Poor insulation means that your home is not being protected from outside air and neither are you. Contaminants from your insulation are probably floating around in the air inside your home and affecting the health of your family without you even realizing it. Getting rid of such insulation and updating it with an effective and new installation is bound to improve the air quality in your home along with maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels.

Irritation Caused By Mold and Mildew

Homes that are constantly exposed to moisture can experience the growth of mold and mildew, which is caused by dampness. This may produce irritants that cause allergic reactions when inhaled, leaving you with a runny nose and sneezing and coughing all day long. Effective insulation for your home is essential in preventing the growth of mold by controlling the humidity levels in your home and keeping the sources of moisture in check.

Efficient Insulation and Cleaner AirFlow

Spray foam insulation is one method through which you can reduce the infiltration from allergy-causing irritants and create an air barrier that can protect your home from pollutants outside. Keeping dust and pollen out of your home will allow you to enjoy a cleaner airflow inside your home and get rid of watery eyes and other allergy symptoms that you may be suffering from.

Eliminate all the allergy symptoms that you and your family may be suffering from by having professional insulation installers at Attic Man inspect your current insulation and have them assess what condition it’s in. If your insulation is indeed the culprit behind your poor health conditions, they can easily remove the deteriorated material in a safe manner and install efficient and proper insulation that will protect your home from contaminants and poor air quality, along with maintaining a favorable temperature throughout your living space.