Attics are the space between the roof and ceiling in a home. They’re fantastic places for storage. Unfortunately, attics are often overlooked and neglected, especially when it comes to insulation. But there are dangers associated with poor attic insulation that should not be ignored.

Why Should I Install Insulation in My Attic?

Professional attic insulation is not just a solution to controlling temperature – it benefits the entire house. Professional insulation contractors will inspect your home and recommend the perfect type of insulation for your attic.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword; it’s a necessary lifestyle. Heating and cooling systems make up a large proportion of energy usage and costs. When they must work harder due to poor insulation, the costs are even higher. But it’s more than a financial cost – it’s a cost to the planet.

Heating and cooling systems work hard to keep the home at the desired temperature. When a home has inadequate insulation in the attic, a lot of air is lost through the roof. Energy bills skyrocket, and it’s impossible to keep the temperature in the house regulated. An HVAC that must strain to maintain the temperature has a much shorter lifespan than one in a well-insulated home.

An insulated attic helps maintain a more constant temperature in the house year-round. This is of great assistance to your HVAC. Energy bills decrease, and the home’s carbon footprint is reduced.

Roof Damage

During winter, an attic with poor insulation allows most of the heat in your home to escape through the roof. The escaping heat melts the snow on the roof, water starts to drip down, but then meets the cold air again and refreezes as an ice dam. Large icicles form on the gutters, weighing them down and eventually breaking them. Then water makes its way under the shingles on the roof. As the heat is lost, the water freezes and expands under the shingles and moves or cracks them.

This ice buildup causes roof damage and mold growth, which eventually makes its way into the rest of your home. Not only is this a health hazard, but the water and ice also cause structural damage to your roof and home.

Lower Property Value

A poorly insulated attic makes for a house that is not energy efficient. This is a red flag to potential buyers. Poor insulation means high energy bills, potential structural damage, and an extra expense to install insulation in the house adequately.

Health Risks

Old and inadequate attic insulation is dangerous to health. Old insulation can be moldy and infested with pests. The mold spores spread through the air, as does the pest and rodent waste in your insulation. Then, it is carried into the home and HVAC system. Old insulation crumbles to the touch and ends up being breathed in, causing respiratory issues.

Good insulation helps improve air quality substantially, which is good for health and well-being.

Insulation Contractors

Attic insulation is vitally important to the health of the home and its inhabitants. Experienced insulation contractors will remove the old, dangerous insulation and replace it with new, clean, environmentally friendly insulation. Quality attic insulation has too many benefits to ignore.