Creating a peaceful environment at home can sometimes be a challenge if you’re coping with too many unwanted noises. If you’re considering the benefits of insulation for improving the noise levels inside your house, you’ve come to the right source! The experts at Attic Man know about all the sound-deadening insulation benefits you’ll get when upgrading your space – so read on to learn more!


Uncover the Problem


Noise in your home comes in the form of airborne vibrations – which can also travel through your walls and ceiling. Any cracks, gaps, or holes can make your home less effective at blocking sound. Plus, your home has plenty of noises to contend with – like cars, airplanes, or wind outdoors, as well as indoor noises such as plumbing with showers and toilets or even people watching television in other rooms. If your home is poorly insulated and dealing with any issues allowing excess noise inside, it is time to consider replacing your insulation to help remedy the issue.


Explore Your Options


When it comes to choices for properly installed, new insulation, you have a few options. One type of insulation that can help to deaden noises is fiberglass insulation. This insulation method can help to reduce the transfer of noise through walls and the ceiling. However, for more effective results, you might want to consider the benefits of spray foam insulation. This form of insulation expands to seal any gaps or holes in your home – helping to cut down on airborne sound with a superior fit. Particularly, spray foam insulation can help cut down on mid-range frequencies, which include common sounds like voices and music.


Expect Quieter Results


Once you’ve replaced your insulation and reduced the ability of sound vibrations to travel through the walls and ceiling inside your home, you can expect to enjoy a space with much less noise transferring from the outdoors and even between rooms. This might mean enjoying more relaxation and even better sleep! Plus, the benefits don’t stop there – you can also expect to enjoy all the benefits of a better-insulated home – such as improved interior temperatures, HVAC system longevity, and lower energy bill costs.


Call the Experts


Attic Man is here to help you with all the advice you need to utilize sound-deadening insulation to achieve a quieter, cleaner, temperature-controlled, and energy-efficient home. Our expert team can help extract your old insulation and replace it with newer, more effective soundproof insulation solutions – whether you’re seeking fiberglass insulation or exploring the unique benefits of spray foam insulation. We’re here to answer any questions – so, schedule your free consultation today!