As we deal with the long, lingering, hot days of Floridian summertime, you might be noticing – and worrying about – the steady climb of your energy bills. Often, you might not even feel like you’re getting the cool air and indoor comfort for which you’re paying. That’s a big problem! But, luckily, it’s a problem with an easy solution – if you can get help from the insulation contractors you can trust. Read on to learn how you can turn HVAC frustrations around to find big savings on your energy bills.


Uncovering the Problem


The problem might not fully be with hot weather patterns or raising prices – in fact, your increasing energy bill might be resulting from your home itself! Cracks and air leaks in your home may be one of the culprits. They can allow your conditioned air to leak out. Also, you could be facing problems with your attic insulation! Insulation works by trapping conditioned air inside your home. Pests or dirt inside your attic can damage your insulation or fill the pockets of space that trap the air – and, as a result, your home may not be able to maintain its cool temperatures for long. As a result, your HVAC unit must work harder to maintain a cool temperature – driving up your energy bill.


How Air Sealing May Help


Remember how cracks in your home may be posing a problem? There’s a crucial step in keeping that conditioned air inside and not allowing it an escape route – and that’s air sealing! An insulation specialist can apply sealant to any cracks and crevices throughout your space – making sure that the cool air won’t leak through these spaces. This can be a factor in decreasing the amount of work placed on your HVAC unit – but it works great in tandem with installing new insulation!


Quick Installation for Insulating Attics


Installation of new, high-quality insulation is a key step you can take towards a more comfortable, energy-efficient home environment that retains coolness and lowers your bill. But when you begin to explore the need for new insulation in your home, you’ll want to consider a few potential solutions. You might opt for cost-effective fiberglass insulation in batts or blown-in pieces. Or, instead, you might choose to utilize spray foam insulation for insulating attics – which is applied directly to surfaces and seals spaces – including any gaps or odd nooks or crannies. It can block the flow of radiant heat from the roof into your home, as well as seal conditioned air in. Improving your attic insulation can be one of the quickest home improvement projects to undertake – with hugely effective results.


Find a Great ROI and Go Green


You’ll find endless benefits to having a better insulated, energy-efficient home – and comfort is just the beginning. Investing in a more-effective space is the start of finding a great return on that investment – as your reduced energy costs turn into big savings, with less money spent on energy bills for years to come. Plus, you can expect to enjoy a less-overworked, longer-lasting HVAC unit – another source of savings! Reducing your energy usage is a way to begin going green that you can feel good about. Plus, opting to use spray foam insulation can mean reducing your carbon footprint even more, as it takes less energy to produce than other forms of insulation!


Choosing to improve your home’s attic insulation is a great idea – and as experienced insulation contractors, we’re here to help you make that commitment to future savings with ease. Contact Attic Man today for your free consultation – we’re happy to help!