Spray foam insulation in Jacksonville FL is a popular choice for homeowners due to a myriad of benefits. Spray insulation fills in every gap, which means air, water, and even temperature don’t have any methods of getting into (or leaving) your home. Also, unlike traditional batt insulation, spray foam doesn’t require an additional moisture barrier to be effective – it acts as an insulator and moisture barrier all at once!


We understand why so many homeowners are champing at the bit to try Jacksonville FL spray insulation. However, this is not a venture that you should attempt yourself. Spray foam insulation installation is better off left to the professionals, like Attic Man. Below, we detail a few reasons why attic insulation should stay far away from your DIY list.


Jacksonville Spray Foam Insulation Requires Specific Equipment


Spray foam is the result of a delicate chemical process that takes place inside specialized spray foam guns. Two specific liquids are combined to yield a chemical reaction that forms polyurethane foam. Then, the gun carefully sprays the foam, which sticks to any surface requiring insulation. The equipment and materials necessary for spray foam insulation are hard to use and expensive to buy. Instead, let experienced spray foam insulation contractors in Jacksonville FL do it for you – they already have everything necessary for your project!


Spray Foam Insulation is NOT as Easy as it Looks


Let’s say you do have a spray foam gun, as well as all the materials necessary to operate it. There is much more to proper spray insulation installation than simply “spraying and praying.” Spray foam has to be a very specific thickness that is consistent all the way throughout – typically no more than a few inches thick. Plus, each layer has to cool before another is applied. Spray foam pros like Attic Man understand all the intricacies of proper spray foam installation.


Spray Foam Reacts Differently to Different Surfaces


In many cases, attic surfaces need to be prepped beforehand. This is because spray foam does not adhere to certain materials. If your attic has these incompatible surfaces, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be insulated with spray foam. Attic insulators in Jacksonville FL have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to prep your surfaces for spray foam, which they do by considering factors such as the framing of the walls, plumbing, electrical, and more.


Incorrect Installations Require Costly Repairs


Many DIY projects are born out of a desire to save money. In the case of attic insulation, some overzealous homeowners may choose to attempt it themselves rather than investing in the professional services of Jacksonville insulation installers. However, it is likely that any amount you save by trying insulation installation yourself will be irrelevant once you have to shell out for repairs. Faulty insulation can allow moisture in, which fosters mold growth. Plus, a repair company will charge you a premium because they’ll need to tear out the old insulation, prep the surfaces, then install new insulation.


When it comes to a project as serious as attic insulation, you should never risk the potentially dangerous results of a DIY project. Hiring a trusted local insulation contractor like Attic Man is well worth the money! We can identify the right type of insulation for your home and install it correctly so that you can enjoy its many benefits for years to come. Give Attic Man a call today to learn more!