We all know the feeling – handling issues around the home can be a source of incredible stress, and that’s why we tend to put these tasks off until tomorrow. But whether you’re tasked with tidying up, handling lawn work, or fixing something broken, haven’t you noticed that failing to act quickly can spiral into a larger and larger problem? It’s the same story with your insulation. If you’ve noticed any issues around the home – or simply know that the timing is right for a check in – the need for insulation replacement could be right around the corner. If you need further warning to show your home’s insulation some proper care this month, read on for four things you’ll risk as a result:

  1. Your Comfort

In the fall season (and heading into winter) we’re excited about getting cozy and comfortable indoors with friends and family – breaking out warmer pajama sets, gathering around the table for delicious meals, or settling down for holiday movie marathons. If you’re not enjoying the season in comfort, that’s a problem!

Improper insulation can leave you vulnerable to changing temperatures – which means more heat in the summer, but also an unwanted chill in the winter. Good insulation works to keep your home at the right temperature – with heated or cooled air kept inside. Also, extreme temperatures in your attic can cause even more issues – like changing the temperature of air moving through your ducts. As part of an expert insulation replacement, Attic Man can assist with duct encapsulation to insulate these tubes, too!

  1. Your Wallet

Getting your budget in shape for holiday shopping, seasonal favorite foods, family vacations, and holiday activities? After all, wouldn’t you rather be spending money on these things each year rather than continuing to spend on short-term fixes to home problems? This could mean spending on increased electric bills, as your HVAC unit works hard to compensate for heat loss from your home. Or, maybe you’re constantly fixing the unit from all the wear and tear.

Solve your problems once and for all at the source. New insulation means increasing the longevity of your HVAC unit and making sure it operates efficiently. This means monthly savings – and long-term savings over the years!

  1. Your Health

Is there anything as important as your health? We think not! However, aside from avoiding illness over the holiday season and looking out for any changing seasonal allergies, you should consider the state of your insulation. After all, the air quality in your attic is circulated throughout your home. So, dust mites, mold, insects, or even rodent infestations – all scary possibilities nesting in bad insulation – can cause worse respiratory problems. Don’t hesitate and leave your family to keep on breathing unhealthy air!

  1. Your Peace of Mind

Let’s face it – even if you don’t realize the problem, you don’t want to live with the potential risk of having unwelcome critters infesting your home, or problematic air leaks changing your indoor temperature, or contaminated air harming your family’s respiratory health. This holiday season, we want to spend more time comfortably inside – without constant fixes to heating units. The choice is simple. It’s time to invest in tackling the problem at the source!

Attic Man makes it easy. We’ll evaluate your unique needs and give you a free quote. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision on how to best tackle your home’s insulation needs. Maybe that means it’s time to spring for a new installation of fiberglass insulation. Or, you may find that your space is better suited to spray foam insulation, which can seal and protect your space. No matter your needs, we’re here to make things simple so you can get back to what matters – time with your family this season.