This time of year brings out some of our most favorite things: feasting, family get-togethers, football, and any chance to get cozy indoors as we enjoy the fall-ish weather. At the same time, we’re looking back at the past year to name all the reasons we’re feeling thankful! One thing for which we definitely want to show our gratitude? The benefits of good, high-quality insulation. So, let’s look at all the things about well-insulated homes that give us something to smile about!

  1. You’re Saving Money Over Time

Who doesn’t love a little extra savings – not only during the busy holiday season, but year-round? Having high-quality fiberglass insulation means not having to deal with the same issues that frustrate your neighbors – like overworked HVAC units driving sky-high energy bill costs. Don’t want to see more and more money leave your wallet each month? Working with skilled insulation contractors means creating an efficient system – and leaving more money in your bank account.

  1. You’re Enjoying Indoor Comfort

Keeping your indoor temperatures comfortable is a key function of insulation. With the right insulation, you don’t have to find yourself caught sweating in too-hot summer temperatures when conditioned air escapes your home or shivering during too-cold winters when heat loss leaves you scrambling for extra layers.

But the benefits don’t stop at keeping a stable, efficient indoor temperature. Sound deadening insulation can play a key role in putting a stop to unwanted noises and the stress they create – leaving you to sleep and relax better at home.

  1. You’re Doing Your Part for the Environment

In what ways do you consider your environmental impact in your day-to-day life? Maybe you make an effort to use reusable water bottles, take your bike to work, or consider the types of foods you eat. However, keeping an energy-efficient home is a change for the better – both for you and for the Earth – that you might not even consider.

Look back to our previous discussion about your energy bill. Beyond just thinking about saving green, consider how you’re also going green. Did you know that over half of an average home’s energy consumption goes towards heating and air conditioning? With better insulation, you’re completing those goals more efficiently – achieving the same comfort with less energy consumption.

  1. You’re Creating Better Home Value

If you’re considering eventually selling your home – or even just thinking about ways to boost its value while you’re still living in it – replacing your old, outdated insulation is a worthy project with a great payoff. As many potential homebuyers list energy efficiency as a key selling point when looking for a new residence, both you and future homeowners will benefit from the ease and efficiency that new fiberglass insulation provides!

These four reasons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the ways we’re grateful for new fiberglass insulation. Feeling the need for improved energy efficiency in your own home as you prepare to welcome in the new year? Look no further for skilled insulation contractors! Attic Man is prepared to answer your questions and meet your home’s needs with both comfort and savings. Schedule your free quote on our website today!