If you’re facing problems with your indoor temperatures and comfort at home, you may be considering that it’s time to get the opinion and help of skilled attic insulation experts. Now is the right time to get rid of your worries – and as we celebrate National Checklist Day this October 30th, we think that the best way to tackle this home improvement project is to start with a list of steps for solving your insulation problems. Read on for six steps you should follow – and check off – to make your next insulation project simple and stress-free!


1. Identify Problem Areas


The first step in solving any problem is to identify it – specifically. Which issues do you find yourself facing at home? Is it difficult to maintain indoor temperatures? For example – is your HVAC unit running constantly to keep your home cool or warm? Are you dealing with the increasing cost of energy bills? Or, are you facing a problem with pests in your home? Creatures from the outdoors could make their way into your attic, nesting in the insulation there and causing damage. Once you have an idea of your concerns, you’ll need to learn what to do next.


2. Compare and Consider Your Options


You may know some of the basics on what getting new installation insulation entails – but are you sure which type or service would be best to target the issues you just outlined? If you don’t, don’t worry – the experts can help you determine the right fit! Consider that damaged insulation should be extracted and replaced with new insulation. If you have a conventional space and are looking for a cost-effective choice, fiberglass batt insulation might be right for you. Or, if you’re needing to fill gaps or unusual spaces, you’ll want to consider the benefits of blow in insulation or spray foam insulation. Attic Man insulation experts can help you explore the options that fit your needs and budget


3. Get a Professional Opinion and Quote


Once you have a basic idea of what you’ll need, make sure to get in touch with the right insulation installers. Attic Man has years of experience working to insulate homes effectively – and our team can help you choose the right form of insulation, then develop a timeline and budget towards making your home more comfortable and efficient


4. Extract the Damaged Attic Insulation


“Out with the old” is a necessary, initial step to any project – but especially for replacing insulation. Expect your experienced insulation team to first extract the ineffective, old insulation. It may be contaminated from pests, dirt, mold, mites, or more. Damage can also come from flattening or compressing the insulation over time – like if the area was every accidentally used as storage space.


5. Start with Air Sealing


It’s time to prepare the space for new, effective, high-performance attic insulation. Another crucial step? Air sealing! During this process, a sealant will be applied to any cracks and crevices in your space. With these gaps to the outdoors removed, you’ll be able to better maintain interior temperature – without any leakage – and even improve respiratory health with improved home air quality.


6. Prepare for New Insulation Installation


As one of the fastest home improvement projects you can do to add value and comfort to your home, installing new attic insulation is the final step along the way to solving the issues you’ve identified around your home! After air sealing, Attic Man experts will help install fiberglass insulation in batts, pre-cut sections, or blown in insulation consisting of shredded pieces. Or, you might instead opt for spray foam insulation, which can be applied to all surfaces and turn your attic into a semi-conditioned space, too! No matter your ideal project, Attic Man is here to complete the job to your satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote!