While many homeowners have a general awareness about their attic, they likely don’t check it often, or know what to look for when surveying the health of their attic insulation. When Jacksonville insulation is neglected, then it may be possible to overlook several warning signs. The result? An uncomfortable home with undesirable indoor temperatures and expensive cooling bills. That’s why Attic Man is providing 6 signs that your attic insulation is in desperate need of help – just read on to learn more!

Water Leaks

If the attic is not properly insulated, then it can let water leak into your home from the roof. When water slips through cracks in the attic insulation, then it can cause structural damage to your walls and ceiling. As soon as those are compromised, then you and your family are at risk of injury.

Pest Problems

Finding pests in your home, such as bugs and rodents, may indicate an issue with the insulation. When pests find holes in insulation, then they can burrow in and make a nest of it. To avoid unwanted pest activity, you should increase the volume of your attic insulation.

Cold Drafts

It’s nearly winter and that means colder days are upon us, even in Florida. If you feel chilly drafts inside of your home or especially in your attic, then you need to make sure your windows and doors are properly insulated. Furthermore, this may indicate that you don’t have enough attic insulation.

Moisture in the Attic

Dirty attic insulation is not nearly as effective at preventing moisture infiltration. The presence of moisture encourages mold and fungi growth, which are both harmful to your health. If you find moisture or mildew in your attic, then the time is right to invest in Jacksonville attic insulators.

Air Conditioning in Overdrive

Proper attic insulation helps maintain the temperature inside your home by keeping conditioned air in and blocking outside air out. If that air is able to leak in and out freely due to poor insulation, then your air conditioning system has to work much harder just to maintain a stable temperature. The harder your AC works, the more you have to spend on bills.

Inconsistent Temperature

When you find that your interior temperature keeps fluctuating, especially on a room-to-room basis, then you likely have improper insulation. Typically, you will experience some rooms that are hotter or colder than others no matter what you do, or the ceiling and interior walls will be cooler to the touch. If you notice any of these things, then your Jacksonville attic insulation isn’t doing its job.

If you notice any of these things and are concerned for the health of your attic insulation, don’t worry! Give Attic Man a call instead! All these issues may be caused by old, dirty, or damaged attic insulation, which means they can all be fixed with a new application of spray foam insulation in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experts can take a look at your home and suggest the best products to ensure long-lasting results and comfort!