As homeowners, you take great pains and spend significant money each month to make sure your home stays comfortable. A blower door test measures how effectively your home is sealed to ensure that conditioned air is not leaking out and taking your money with it! Without blower door tests, you may remain unaware of the leaks that decrease your home’s comfort level. Below, we go into greater detail about what is included in blower door testing and why your home will benefit from this service of insulation contractors!

What is the Blower Door Test?

During a typical blower door test, a calibrated fan is installed in a door or window that is otherwise completely sealed and all other openings of the building are closed, as well. As soon as the fan turns on, it creates a pressure difference between the interior and exterior of a building. Then, the fan sucks the air out of the building, allowing outside air to enter through whichever openings it can find.

Blower door tests are so effective because they separate the indoor space from the outdoor space, then quantify the amount of air that is being leaked outside. Not only do blower door tests measure air leakage, but they also pinpoint areas of a building where the leaks are occurring. From there, Jacksonville attic insulators can make suggestions to improve insulation and prevent air leakage.

Measuring Air Leakage

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, so you may ask how exactly we measure air leakage? Air leakage is typically measured in terms of cubic feet of air per minute. From there, we calculate a standard metric called ACH50, or air changes per hour at the standard test pressure of 50 pascals. This metric indicates how often the volume of air indoors changes with outside air.

When to Get a Blower Door Test

Blower door testing is often done near the conclusion of a new home’s construction to ensure that it is airtight. However, it can also be performed at any point during a building’s lifespan to check for air leakages. Over time, things like attic insulation and weather stripping may grow less effective and allow more air inside. If you feel more uncomfortable in your home or are spending more each month on your energy bill, then it may be because of air leakage.

Do you need to conduct blower door testing for your building? Look no further than Attic Man! Our certified technicians can locate air leakage spots and recommend the best course of action to eliminate as many of these air leaks as possible. As your leading choice for insulation contractors in Jacksonville, Florida, we also pair blower door testing with services like insulation extraction, air sealing, spray foam insulation, and more!