As your top choice for Jacksonville attic insulation, Attic Man is aware of several myths and misconceptions surrounding attic insulation. This misinformation can sometimes be enough to dissuade homeowners from insulating their attics. Without proper attic insulation, energy efficiency and utility bills suffer. Continue reading to learn more as Attic Man clears the air on 4 attic insulation myths!


Myth 1: Vapor Barriers Trap Moisture


A vapor barrier is a type of plastic sheeting that protects attic insulation from coming into contact with moisture. Moisture will not only damage insulation, but also lead to growth of mold and mildew as well. As those things spread, it’s more likely that the roof’s supporting structure will rot. However, vapor barriers allow moisture to evaporate and come out in the form of droplets. A sealed and continuous vapor barrier is required on the warm side of each wall that contains air-porous insulation, and it must be air-tight to work as intended.


Myth 2: Attic Insulation is Only Necessary When It’s Cold


It is true that attic insulation does help retain indoor heat during the colder months of the year, reducing the need for heating. However, this myth as a whole is false because attic insulation also slows down radiant heat, which means your interior temperatures will stay cooler for longer during the warmer months of the year. Proper attic insulation will maintain your interior temperature for longer, no matter if it’s hot or cold outside, which will also save you money on your energy bills each month.


Myth 3: Spray Foam Insulation is Harmful


This myth comes from the fact that spray foam insulation used to contain urea-formaldehyde in the 1970s. Back then, thousands of homes around the world were insulated with this form of insulation because authorities were not yet aware of the dangers associated with this chemical compound. Fortunately, use of such foams is no longer practiced by Jacksonville insulation installers. Modern spray foam insulation does not pose any health risks and has been marked as safe for use in residential applications.


Myth 4: The More Insulation, The Better


Some homeowners may think that their attic will be insulated better if there are more and more layers added on. However, the truth behind this myth is that there is such a thing as too much attic insulation. Once you surpass the recommended amount of attic insulation, it can block your roof’s ventilation. In turn, this may yield more accumulation of moisture, which can lead to mold and rotting wood. When you work with leading insulation contractors in Jacksonville, FL, they will know exactly how much attic insulation to use to keep your home insulated and safe.


Don’t let any of these myths sway you from investing in the attic insulation that your home deserves. If you have any questions or concerns about attic insulation, then reach out to Attic Man! We can handle all your insulation installation needs, and we are happy to clear the air on any of your concerns. Choose Attic Man – a proud member of the largest network of insulation contractors in North America!