If your family is going green these days, you’re not alone! More and more households are looking for ways to adopt eco-friendly practices in their everyday lives — whether that means recycling, swapping out your appliances for more efficient models, ditching disposable plastics, and more. Another place to improve your home’s eco-friendly output is right above you: your roof! With effective spray foam insulation DeLand homeowners (and those in the surrounding area) can go green and save green at the same time. Just read on to see how.


Energy Savings For You…


By now, you probably already know that there are countless reasons to go green — to promote a healthy future for your family, to conserve resources, to contribute to the health of your local and global community, the list goes on!


However, even the most well-intentioned moves toward sustainability can fail if they’re not, well, sustainable — that is, if they are too expensive to keep up with on a regular basis. Enter, spray foam insulation. Unlike more cost-prohibitive home improvements, this is an affordable investment that actually saves you money! As much as 40 to 60 percent on your home’s energy costs, in fact.


Think about what you could do with those monthly savings. Whether it’s saving for a rainy day, helping pay for your child’s extracurricular activities, or making other helpful home improvements, we believe that saving some green every month is more than enough reason to make the switch to spray foam.


(Plus, if you ever consider selling your home down the line, you might find that your newly insulated property is more attractive to eco-conscious buyers like yourself! Yet another major perk.)


… & Mother Earth, Too


Of course, any time you’re saving on your energy bill, you’re effectively decreasing your carbon footprint at the same time — and that’s exactly what happens when you install spray foam insulation in your home. Because spray foam prevents your home from exerting too much energy on heating or cooling, your property uses up less resources to run efficiently. And that’s something to feel great about.


The actual production of the spray foam also takes less energy than other insulation types — another behind-the-scenes win! And in addition to promoting a healthy environment outside of your home, spray foam fosters a healthy environment inside, too, with improved air quality so you and your family can breathe a little easier.


Reduced Noise Pollution


When it comes to the environment, not all pollution comes in the form of airborne dust, debris, and chemicals. Noise pollution is also a major concern for many homeowners, and it’s just as worthy a problem to fix. Spray foam insulation helps here, too, helping to block out external noises so your home environment can be a more peaceful place to live, work, and play in.


Ready to do some good for the environment and your wallet? Attic Man has you covered, literally! Contact us today to learn more about our spray foam services, and how they can benefit your home and community.