According to a recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency, air leaks can add an average of 15% to heating and cooling costs. If your home is haunted with drafts, then you could be unnecessarily spending more just to maintain comfortable temperatures. Fortunately, homeowners can fight back! Attic insulation, weatherstripping, and gaskets are just a few tools you can use to cast out that pesky leakage. Read on to discover four ways to properly seal your home.

Seal the Exterior Air Leaks

Outside of your home, take a walk around the perimeter and check thoroughly for any spots where two building materials meet. Specifically, you’ll want to look for gaps that might let air in and out of your home. Common examples of such spots include where siding meets the chimney, foundation, or roof. Also, examine any places where plumbing, electrical, or vents come through exterior walls. Seal up any cracks you find with exterior-grade caulk.

Seal Up the Walls

Every home is sure to have plenty of electrical outlets and light switches. However, these can let air out without proper sealing. Consider installing foam gaskets behind every outlet and switch you can find, and add plug covers on all unused outlets. It is possible for air to get in and out through unused plugs! Then, check your windows, doors, and baseboards for additional gaps where air can get through. These gaps can be sealed with caulk or weatherstripping

Seal the Crawlspace

Check your main floor for any holes that go through it, such as ductwork, electrical, and plumbing. If you find any openings, try caulking or foaming around them. Faulty ductwork is one of the most common causes for air leaks, so be sure to check all the ductwork that you can easily see and access, as well. Foil tape is effective at sealing any leaks in the ductwork. Finally, use caulk to seal any holes that go through the foundation for hose bibs, electrical work, HVAC lines, dryer vents, or gas water heater vents.

Seal the Attic Space

Without proper attic insulation, many attics may contain plenty of faulty places where heated and cooled air can escape your home. However, sealing the attic space can be a quick fix when you enlist the professional services of leading attic insulators in Jacksonville like Attic Man. Proper insulation will maintain your indoor temperatures by preventing air from escaping through the attic.

Some of these air-sealing suggestions can be tackled by novice homeowners. However, in the case of services like insulation installation, we recommend leaving that project in the hands of seasoned pros. Attic Man offers air sealing to limit the amount of conditioned air that might be leaking out of your home, as well as the contaminated air that could be leaking in. Call Attic Man today to learn more about all our services – we look forward to hearing more about your project, as well!