If you’re considering installing spray foam in your home, you’re also likely curious about how much spray foam insulation costs. 

Spray foam is an incredibly effective insulation that you can use to seal many areas of your home. The installation prices can vary for every homeowner, but here’s a quick and helpful guide to help you get a good grasp on how much insulation could cost you.

Spray Foam Insulation Costs Depend on the Type of Insulation Used

There are technically two different kinds of spray foam insulation. The first, open-cell insulation, is a spray foam where the bubbles are not entirely encapsulated. The result is an insulation that’s more pliable, soft, and expandable after it’s applied. 

Open-cell spray foam typically costs between $0.44 and $0.65 per board.

Open-cell has the advantage of being the less expensive of the two while still providing excellent protection. It’s exceptional for fighting against mold growth and adapts to movement during different seasons. It’s not necessarily the ideal choice for every area of the home, but it’s still a solid choice that’s also more economical.

The other type of insulation, closed-cell insulation, features encapsulated bubbles, giving you a sturdier foam layer. It’s a fantastic route if you need more support along your walls or ceilings. And better yet, closed-cell spray foam is almost always water-resistant as well. 

The average price of this insulation per board is considerably higher than open-cell, however, costing roughly $1 to $1.50 per board.

Closed-cell insulation can be so sturdy that it bolsters your wall’s strength and even offers impact resistance. It also boasts a low vapor permeance, blocking virtually all water vapor from passing through it.

Is Insulation Worth the Cost?

Spray insulation installation will always be more expensive than fiberglass batts. But spray insulation also performs significantly better and can last over 80 years. Fiberglass can surpass that age, but it’s much more fragile and can quickly deteriorate if wet or broken.

Fiberglass overall is the more budget-friendly choice up front. Still, you may have to replace it more often, and it is less effective than spray insulation at keeping your home comfortable. Spray insulation is usually the better investment, as it can help keep your energy costs down, making the installation cost more justified.

What Does Insulation Installation Near Me Cost?

On average, installing foam insulation in an entire home will cost between $5,000 and $20,000. There’s a relatively large gap between the highest and lowest prices, and most of the price variables depend on how large the home is and how difficult it is to apply.

Homes with vinyl or aluminum siding have a leg up on other homeowners for insulation installation. This siding is easy to remove, making installation swift and relatively painless. Brick homes require a bit more effort, so the cost will inevitably be higher. 

It’s also easier to install spray foam insulation in a new house than in an existing one. So if you’re a homeowner building from scratch, now’s the perfect time to invest in spray foam insulation. You’ll likely pay much more if you change your mind once your home’s construction is complete, so keep it in mind when you do your research.

Where you plan on having the insulation installed will also change your price. Because heat rises, attics need twice the amount of insulation of any other area of the home. In contrast, the garage is usually much cheaper, although it’s an often-forgotten part of the home when it comes to insulation. 

The best way to get an accurate picture of your pricing is by contacting insulation professionals to discuss your unique situation and needs.