Insulation is a must-have for any home, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. If it’s time for you to replace your insulation, you may be wondering whether you need to remove it before you can install new insulation. This article will discuss whether it’s okay to install spray foam insulation over existing insulation.

Installing Spray Insulation over Existing Insulation

Spray foam insulation is installed with a special machine that sprays a solution onto a surface. That solution then expands and hardens, creating a perfect insulation mold for the area. 

Technically, you can spray the insulation over existing insulation. The spray foam solution will mold to just about anything, so existing insulation shouldn’t impact the effectiveness of your new insulation.

Why You May Want to Consider Insulation Removal

While installing spray foam insulation over your existing insulation is an option, you may want to consider insulation removal for several reasons. First, you never know what is lurking behind your old insulation. 

There could be mold, pests, and existing damage to your home. In that case, insulation will need to be extracted before you install new insulation. Installing spray foam over these areas will seal it in and can make the problem much worse.

In addition, spray foam insulation works best when it is applied to a clean, dry surface. Old insulation may be holding some moisture or mildew, and spray foam may not take well to it. The ultimate answer to whether you can install spray foam over existing insulation truly depends on your individual circumstances.

Consult a Professional About Spray Foam Insulation

If you are in need of new insulation, the best thing you can do is consult a professional. An insulation expert can examine your space and make an honest recommendation about the best way to move forward.