Can you be sure about the quality of insulation in your attic? It’s often out of sight, out of mind – but unclean attic insulation, often left unexamined for months or years, can cause far-reaching problems throughout your home. Are you beginning to see the signs that your insulation is becoming ineffective? Plenty of problems can be solved with attic insulation extraction and replacement from skilled professionals. So, if you’re thinking about planning your consultation, read on to gain awareness about three major problems that dirty insulation might already be causing in your home.


It’s Not Doing Its Job


Dirty, damaged, or outdated insulation can very likely be hurting – and not helping – your home. When installed and operating properly, your home’s insulation is meant to trap conditioned air, helping to keep the air inside your home at a comfortable temperature. Dirty insulation, however, doesn’t always work that way. Tiny air pockets in your insulation – which are used to capture and hold the conditioned air – are instead filled up with dirt and debris. Alternatively, flattened insulation, caused by ineffective service teams or uninformed homeowners compressing it, can harm the insulation’s ability to operate correctly. When its role is impeded, indoor temperatures are no longer regulated as they should be. And, even worse, dirty attic insulation can become a warm breeding ground for mold, reducing your home’s air quality.


It Increases Your Energy Bill


Your attic insulation and HVAC unit should be working together to help you maintain the perfect, comfortable indoor temperature in your home. However, ineffective and dirty insulation can be working against the best efforts of your HVAC unit – allowing warm or cool temperatures to escape too quickly, fluctuating the temperature within your home. Fighting those temperature changes – and often having to run your unit throughout the whole day – can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. With effective attic insulation, you won’t need to use as much heating or cooling to bring your home to a comfortable interior temperature – and to maintain it. That adds up to big savings on your energy bills!


It Might Host Pests


No one wants uninvited insects and rodents in their home – eek! However, hanging onto unclean attic insulation without a professional’s inspection might mean turning a blind eye to these pests taking up residence in your attic. If they can find a point of entry, these critters will live within this dark, uninhabited space and play a contributing role in contaminating the insulation, making the space dirtier. Solve the problem by identifying the cause – and by sealing up that point of entry and removing the unclean insulation with help from the experts.


Do these problems sound familiar? If your home is experiencing symptoms like these, it’s time for an insulation extraction and replacement with experts who know the best way to return your home to a clean, effective operating space. Soon, you’ll be keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient with the best attic insulation no matter the weather or time of year. Call Attic Man today to get your questions about insulating attics answered by knowledgeable fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation professionals – or to schedule your free consultation!