Holiday gifts. Home improvement. College. Vacation. A rainy day… There are countless things you could be setting aside money for every month, so why waste it on a high energy bill if you don’t have to? You might think that your monthly electric bill is set in stone — especially here in the Sunshine State, where cooling our homes is serious business! However, there are several ways you might be able to enjoy lower energy costs, including updating your home’s insulation.

When it comes to insulation contractors, Daytona Beach FL homeowners know and trust Attic Man for testing and customized solutions they can count on! Just read on for three simple ways to start decreasing your electric bill today.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today’s modern, tech-fueled age, there are plenty of ways to optimize your home’s energy use — making your power consumption easier on the environment and your wallet! Programmable thermostats, for example, allow you to heat and cool your home whenever you want, preventing the need for your system to run at full-blast even when you’re not home (like long days at work or school). Energy-efficient appliances are also worth considering if you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel in the near future.

And even though it may seem like a small step, changing the way you light your home can make a difference over time, too. Per, LED lighting can save the average home upwards of $200 every year. Opt for energy-efficient bulbs, as well as dimmers that help you customize the amount of light you let into a room.

Replace Your Home’s Insulation

Unfortunately, when it comes to your home’s air, even the most high-tech solutions and programmable thermostats are no substitute for a well-functioning, healthy HVAC system. If yours is overworked, you might notice higher energy bills, lower air quality, and less-than-ideal temps inside your home. Fortunately, new spray foam insulation can solve these problems and save you as much as 60 percent on your energy costs!

Opt For Air Sealing

Another great way to cut down on energy costs is to consider air sealing your home. This process prevents the exchange of air between your home and the attic above, so conditioned air stays where you want it — and your HVAC system doesn’t have to work quite as hard to produce the same results.

Check on Your Windows

We Floridians love opening the windows on cool days — because, well, they’re a rare treat! This time of year is a great reminder to check out your windows for potential leaks. If there are any, sealing those problem areas can let you enjoy the fresh air on your terms, without losing money to air that escapes outdoors.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy lower energy bills and a cool, comfortable home — no matter what the time of year! Contact Attic Man today for more information about Flagler foam insulation, air sealing, and duct cleaning Daytona Beach residents and those in the surrounding area use every year. We can’t wait to work with you soon.