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Duct Encapsulation

Duct Encapsulation

We offer duct encapsulation to insulate the tubes used to move conditioned air through your home which adds both comfort and efficiency.


3 Reasons Your Ducts Need Better Insulation

Compressed Fiberglass

These fiberglass tubes are often crushed over time through normal attic use. As the fiberglass compresses or flattens it becomes less effective. Flattening fiberglass insulation removes the air pockets that are used to trap conditioned air.

Damaged and Leaky Fiberglass

Joints, screw holes, gaps, and even damage from rodents all contribute to leaky ducts that don’t do their job as intended.

Attic Temperature Extremes

Unfortunately, your HVAC unit and its ducts are often in the attic which is the area of your house with the most extreme temperatures. This means that conditioned air is subject to major temperature changes as it moves from your unit, through the ducts, and into your home. Just imagine how cold water pumped from the ground heats up as it passes through a hot garden hose. The better the insulation around the ducts, the more efficiently your HVAC until will work, lowering your electric bill and increasing the longevity of your HVAC unit.


Feel The Difference

Let us help you insulate those ducts and you will feel an immediate difference in both the comfort of your home and your electric bill.


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