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Insulation Extraction

Insulation Extraction

We offer extraction services to remove dirty and damaged insulation that is no longer doing its job and can create a toxic attic space.


Dirty Insulation

Your insulation gets dirty over time and gets extra help from the insects and rodents that contaminate it. Insulation can be rendered useless when the tiny air pockets, meant for trapping conditioned air, fill up with dirt. Ineffective insulation makes your HVAC unit work longer and harder and increases your electric bill.

Toxic Attic

While dirty insulation for home environments is ineffective on temperature exchange, it’s very effective at creating a toxic attic space that greatly reduces the air quality of your home. Commonly neglected for cleaning, the attic quickly becomes the dirtiest place in your home and its warm humid atmosphere is irresistible to mold, dust mites, insects, rodents and the like.

Damaged Insulation

Pests and insects are naturally drawn to certain types of insulation for either nesting or food. Not only do they contaminate the insulation but their destructive behavior creates spaces or holes that lower the effectiveness of the insulation.

Compressed (Flattened) Insulation

Insulation, especially fiberglass, becomes compressed or flattened over the years. Insulation is often moved and damaged by service teams who enter the attic to work or by homeowners themselves who unknowingly flatten their insulation by using it as storage space. The flatter the insulation becomes, the worse it performs.


When was the last time you checked the status of the insulation in your attic?

If your insulation is old, dirty, or damaged let us help you replace it so you can enjoy its benefits again.


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