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How Is a Blower Door Test Performed?

photo of a fan for a blower door test

One of the biggest utility costs for any homeowner is energy. Homeowners rely on power for everything from cooking to working to entertainment. Within energy usage, heating and cooling are undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to the overall cost. 

The Dangers of DIY: 4 Risks of Improperly Installing Spray Foam Insulation

DIY spray foam and the dangers of it

Spray foam insulation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the country. It is highly effective, lasts a long time, is durable in most climates, and is usually stress-free to install. But because installing spray foam insulation seems so simple, many homeowners may be tempted to install it themselves without realizing that there are a number of risks associated with improperly installing spray insulation.

How Much Will It Cost to Install Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation of attic and the cost

If you’re considering installing spray foam in your home, you’re also likely curious about how much spray foam insulation costs. Spray foam is an incredibly effective insulation that you can use to seal many areas of your home. The installation prices can vary for every homeowner, but here’s a quick and helpful guide to help you get a good grasp on how much insulation could cost you.

What Is the Purpose of Air-Sealing in Florida?

Air sealing your Florida home

When you fire up the air conditioning, you want to make sure you’re not losing any air. After all, what’s the point of investing in a quality air control system if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest extent? Even worse, air leakage can cost you a considerable amount of money over time. That’s why it helps to know a little about the purpose of air sealing in Florida and other warm areas.

How Much Insulation Do You Need in the Attic?

Man installing insulation batts in attic

Attic insulation can be a tricky subject. After all, the amount of insulation you need varies depending on the year your house was built and where you live, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Unfortunately, homes insulated prior to 2007 are now considered outdated by current standards. 

Is It Okay to Install Spray Foam Insulation Over Existing Insulation?

Installing spray foam over existing insulation

Insulation is a must-have for any home, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. If it’s time for you to replace your insulation, you may be wondering whether you need to remove it before you can install new insulation. This article will discuss whether it’s okay to install spray foam insulation over existing insulation.

5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Attic’s Insulation

5 ways to prevent damage to your attic insulation

Does your home remain at an inconsistent temperature? Are your monthly energy bills skyrocketing? Then you likely have damaged attic insulation. When your insulation is ruined, it can lead to multiple problems in your attic. From mold and mildew to pest infiltrations, damaged insulation can cause extensive problems.

Can Installing Insulation Increase Your Property’s Value?

Does installing insulation increase home value?

As a homeowner, there are endless options when it comes to home improvement. There is no shortage of opportunities, from landscaping to new paint to remodels. A good way to prioritize opportunities is by determining which projects are good long-term investments. What work is going to add the most value to your home?