Dispelling 4 Myths Surrounding Attic Insulation

As your top choice for Jacksonville attic insulation, Attic Man is aware of several myths and misconceptions surrounding attic insulation. This misinformation can sometimes be enough to dissuade homeowners from insulating their attics. Without proper attic insulation, energy efficiency and utility bills suffer. Continue reading to learn more as Attic Man clears the air on […]

Haunted by Air Leaks? Common Ways to Seal Your Home

According to a recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency, air leaks can add an average of 15% to heating and cooling costs. If your home is haunted with drafts, then you could be unnecessarily spending more just to maintain comfortable temperatures. Fortunately, homeowners can fight back! Attic insulation, weatherstripping, and gaskets are just a […]

Don’t Get Tricked by Dirty Insulation, Treat Yourself to Insulation Extraction

As insulation ages, it can begin to lose efficacy and cause more problems than it’s worth. Before laying down fresh attic insulation, it is important to remove all the previous insulation, as it may hinder the new spray foam’s ability to efficiently insulate your attic. This raises the question: when is the time right for […]

3 Things First Time Homeowners Should Know About Attic Insulation

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone for any new homeowner. With this significant transaction comes plenty of challenging renovations. Updating your attic insulation may be one of them! Quality attic insulation affects maintenance and energy costs years down the road, so it is in your best interest to invest in Jacksonville attic insulation […]

Why You Should Leave Insulation Installation to the Pros

Spray foam insulation in Jacksonville FL is a popular choice for homeowners due to a myriad of benefits. Spray insulation fills in every gap, which means air, water, and even temperature don’t have any methods of getting into (or leaving) your home. Also, unlike traditional batt insulation, spray foam doesn’t require an additional moisture barrier […]

Get to Know Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation

Attic Man is proud to offer Owens Corning fiberglass insulation for all your insulation needs. Fiberglass insulation can be installed in Batts, pre-cut sections, or shredded pieces that are blown in using spray foam insulation machines, and it is one of the most cost-effective options for reducing the amount of conditioned air loss that occurs […]

Why is My Energy Bill So High? Attic Insulation Experts Weigh In

As we deal with the long, lingering, hot days of Floridian summertime, you might be noticing – and worrying about – the steady climb of your energy bills. Often, you might not even feel like you’re getting the cool air and indoor comfort for which you’re paying. That’s a big problem! But, luckily, it’s a […]

Spray Foam Insulation Jacksonville FL: Comfort and Savings are Easy to Achieve

Whether living in a new or old home, Jacksonville FL spray foam insulation might just be the only thing standing between you and comfort and savings! With a myriad of benefits, this service is sure to do more than pay for itself. Join Attic Man as we explore the many reasons to try Jacksonville, Florida […]